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Small Arms Technologies Suppressors employ Cool-Core Technology™ which allows cool air to flow into the suppressor between the carbon fiber exterior and the baffle stack that heats up during firing. HEAT CREATES PRESSURE INSIDE THE AIR CHAMBER FORCING THE HEAT OUT THROUGH THE HOLES AND AWAY FROM THE CORE. The end result is the only suppressorS that remain cool enough to be handled with bare hands even after repeated rapid firing. Additionally, Cool-Core Technology™ allows the hot baffle stack to cool much more rapidly than other suppressors greatly increasing the life of Small Arms Technology Suppressors. OTHER SUPPRESSORS AND THE USE OF THE SUPPRESSOR WRAPS KEEP THE HEAT CONTAINED IN THE CORE. FIRING WHILE THE CORE IS HOT AND AT ITS WEAKEST POINT CAUSES THE SUPPRESSOR TO DETERIORATE AT A MUCH FASTER RATE. 

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